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Here you will find stuff for everyone including:

Classified ads – Tired of craigslist scams and fb’s nanny attitude? Place your ad here! This service is free and local. Scammers and thieves will be banned and possible referred to proper authorities for legal action. You may post most anything that is legal to sell on this site – including your business and/or services. Keep it clean, please. THIS IS A FREE SERVICE AND WILL ALWAYS BE FREE HOWEVER SOME PAID OPTIONS MAY BE ADDED IN THE FUTURE.

Local Forum (COMING SOON! – Submit a ticket HERE if you don’t want to wait!) – meet, greet and discuss current LOCAL events here. Yes, you’ll find a place for national and international topics but the focus is Southside Virginia.Let the rest of the planet ignore us while we carve out our little piece of heaven on earth. Again, keep it clean, keep it civil. While a wide latitude will be granted nastiness will be dealt with severely. This too is a free service and will always be free. However there may be some private, paid forums offered at some point.