Business Services

Business Consultation – first time – FREE

Not every business needs a website but most use a computer in some way’ That said it doesn’t help if you take an hour to do something you can accomplish in 2 minutes with a pen and paper! For up to one hour we can talk about how to use technology to make your business life easier, draw and service more customers and generally become more efficient.

Business Consultation – Ongoing $50 per hour

Draw from my wide range of experience in business and technology. I’ll be the first to admit not everything works for everybody but I can find ways in boost your bottom line! If I can’t show you an idea you can take action on – I won’t charge! Either way it doesn’t hurt to ask.

Web Services – $50 per hour

I am NOT a “web designer” nor do I advocate building websites loaded with bells and whistles! You’ve seen those sites with flashy graphics and mysterious messages that make you fell like you’ve opened a page to another planet. If this is what you want, find someone else. I do not believe these are effective marketing tools for most businesses. E-commerce can be a fantastic money-maker for many businesses. For others, there are a number of ways to increase revenue and reach customers to fatten your bottom line. I can help.

Business Computer Repair – $75 First hour

On-site diagnosis and repair of hardware and software. Efficient, no-nonsense. Most issues can be resolved in the first hour – so my first hour is the most valuable. If your issue takes longer than an hour my rate drops to $25.00 per hour. This also covers any travel time and/or costs.

Emergency Business Computer Repair – $200 +

This is my “Drop Everything and Come NOW” service. Cost is $200 up front and buys up to four hours of my time. The price assumes a difficult and/or costly situation that warrants a “whatever-it-takes” solution. After four hours, my rate drops to $25 per hour. Day two begins with another $200 up front.